RadiantREIT – THE first true
renewable REIT in the market

Radiant REIT will provide loans to solar projects aligned with their long-term, infrastructure characteristics and allow the public the ability to invest in solar projects.

Why us

Solar is real estate

Solar systems are stable, long-term, passive infrastructure, with high-credit customers. Our loans recognize these qualities.

Know How

The Radiant team combines decades of solar experience with a history of pioneering innovative approaches to project financing. The team has financed over $1 billion of projects.


No more fighting the frustration of big banks for terms that don’t value the benefits of solar. RadiantREIT offers no fees, streamlined process, better DSCR, terms that match the PPA/lease, higher SREC credit, and more.


By matching the funding of solar to its real-estate characteristics, RadiantREIT is providing a vehicle for the public’s desire to be able to invest in solar with liquidity, allowing the industry to mature beyond subsidies.

Strong Position

The RadiantREIT team has strong relationships with the largest funds and developers of solar throughout the country. Contact us to set up a program for your projects.


We are the first pure Solar REIT, bringing tax advantages and public funds to the solar industry and providing simple and cost-effective financing, with terms that reflect the security and credit-worthiness of solar projects.